*NEW Keiki Ka'ala Single Bend Adjustable Outrigger Paddle

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    • A paddle that will grow with your Keiki or to share with many! The Adjustable Keiki Ka'ala is named after the tallest mountain on Oahu. We designed our entry-level paddle for club programs, rental outfitters and developing paddlers.The lightweight Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade and the wrapped fiberglass shaft are bombproof and will last for years. The Adjustable Utility Palm Grip and LeverLock® system allows for 10 inches of adjustability, (38-48 inches). Be sure to always rinse the adjustable paddle after each use by removing the entire adjustable sleeve and rinsing with fresh water. Assembled in the USA.
      Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.

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      Durable ABS Utility Palm Grip with 10 inches of adjustability for easy length adjustment with the flick of a lever. 
      Round textured fiberglass shaft for energy transfer and durability..
      Offers excellent strength to weight ratio.
      Durable, impact resistant Fiberglass  blade.
      PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch.
    • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
      Blade Width: 7"
      Blade Length: 18"
      Blade Surface Area: 91 square inches
      Shaft: Single Bend
      Adjustability: 38-48 inches
      Weight: 18 oz

      Category: Adjustable Kids Outrigger

       Blade Width Surface Area Blade Angle Shaft Style
      Paea 9.5" 120 sq in 16 Degree Slim Double Bend
      Leahi 9.5" 119 sq in 12 Degree Round Double Bend
      Ekahi 9.5" 119 sq in 11.5 Degree Round Double Bend
      Hoku 9.375" 115 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
      Ka'ala 8.75" 112 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend
      Nehu 9.312" 111 sq in 11 Degree Double Bend
      Axel II 9.25" 108 sq in 10 Degree LoFat Single Bend
      Mekana 9.25" 99 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
      Keiki Ka'ala 8.75" 91 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend