Keiki Ka'ala Single Bend Adjustable Outrigger Paddle

    • A paddle that will grow with your Keiki or to share with many! The Adjustable Keiki Ka'ala is named after the tallest mountain on Oahu. We designed our entry-level paddle for club programs, rental outfitters and developing paddlers.The lightweight Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade and the wrapped fiberglass shaft are bombproof and will last for years. The Adjustable Utility Palm Grip and LeverLock® system allows for 10 inches of adjustability, (38-48 inches). Be sure to always rinse the adjustable paddle after each use by removing the entire adjustable sleeve and rinsing with fresh water. Assembled in the USA.
      Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.

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      Durable ABS Utility Palm Grip with 10 inches of adjustability for easy length adjustment with the flick of a lever. 
      Round textured fiberglass shaft for energy transfer and durability..
      Offers excellent strength to weight ratio.
      Durable, impact resistant Fiberglass  blade.
      PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch.
    • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
      Blade Width: 7 1/4"
      Blade Length: 18'
      Blade Surface Area: 91 square inches
      Shaft: Single Bend
      Adjustability: 38-48 inches
      Weight: 18 oz

      Category: Adjustable Kids Outrigger