Student Paddle Award



KIALOA’s “Live Like You Paddle” 18th ANNUAL


What is the Student Paddle Award?

We believe at KIALOA that when you paddle outrigger canoes you become a part of the ocean, land and people of Hawaii.  The Live Like You Paddle Award is an opportunity for students 18 and under to express their love for the Hawaiian Outrigger Culture and the values learned and practiced through the sport. The top 5 projects which best express that you “Live Like You Paddle” will win a KIALOA paddle.

How Do I Enter? Follow These 4 Easy Steps

  1. Print, fill out, and sign the  application provided in the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Express your love of Outrigger and how it connects you with Hawaiian culture and its values in a creative project.
  3. Get a teacher, mentor, or coach to write a letter of recommendation telling us about you.
  4. You have many options for sending in your project. Mailing your project to us is great, but you can also email a jpg image, digital download, PDF file, YouTube video, or other media.

    I Need Help Understanding the Project, What Do I Do?

    Outrigger is a great sport.  But it’s more than a physical activity and a means to fitness. Hawaiian values are ingrained in the sport of Outrigger paddling and we want to know how the sport and the values you learn through outrigger paddling enrich your life. Here are some examples of Hawaiian values but there are others you may choose to use:  

    Laulima (cooperation), Kuleana (responsibility), Kokua (helping), Ohana (family), or Ha’aha’a (humility), to name a few.

    Some ideas for creative projects include but are not limited to:

    • An essay or poem.
    • A computer or digital presentation.
    • A collage of pictures and/or words.
    • A drawing, painting or sculpture.
    • A video, song or dance that can be presented on YouTube or a downloadable link.

    Remember, originality counts! Think outside the box, you don’t have to stick to this list

    When is it Due?

    Turn your application in by May 31st, 2020 with your project and letter of recommendation.

    How Are the Winners Chosen?

    All of the KIALOA employees have a chance to vote on every project.  We each have a scorecard that uses a point system and we know the age of the student we are judging.

    We judge on these 4 criteria: 

    1. Meeting project requirements (see section on How Do I Enter)
    2. Originality
    3. Creativity
    4. Appropriate skill and effort relative to age

    The students with the best average scores are chosen as the winners.  We all love reviewing the entries and look forward to seeing yours!

    How do I know if I won?

    We will notify winners by the end of June so be sure to fill out the application with your name, address, phone number and e-mail.

    What Do I Win?

    Good question! Winners will be chosen for having created the most original way to express their love for outrigger paddling and can choose any hybrid outrigger paddle in our 2020 line-up.



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