How to Assemble the Leahi

The Leahi is unlike any other paddle we have offered. Available to order fully assembled or ordering the paddle unconfigured, (in parts).

Why would we ship a paddle unconfigured?

Well, for a couple of reasons.

We wanted paddlers to have the ability to cut and fit a paddle to their perfect length. This will allow a paddler to be as precise in their length as desired. 

The second reason to provide this option for the Leahi was to offer a paddle that will be more cost less to ship. By shipping the paddle in parts, we are able to use a much smaller box and that will significantly reduce the cost of shipping.

Below our 'elele Ikaika walks us through how to assemble your Leahi. If you prefer written step by step instructions. Click Here. 

If any questions arise during the assembly process, please contact us at