(noun) Messenger, Delegate, Ambassador

'Elele (Ambassadors)
At KIALOA we take great pride in our team of 'Elele and are honored to include them as members of the KIALOA family. Our 'Elele are athletes, artists, activists, elders, explorers, teachers, craftspeople, leaders and modern day voyagers.  They are storytellers, product testers and all around good people.  We embrace our 'elele and share their stories with you so that you may do the same.
Featured 'Elele:

Al Van Gieson

How did you come to know KIALOA?

I was introduced to Dave by a good friend of ours, Craig Davidson, who is also an 'elele. This was about 12 years ago now and at the time, Craig had a great relationship with Dave doing R&D on SUP and outrigger paddles. Craig had told me that I should talk to Dave and that he had mentioned me to Dave about joining...

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Our 'Elele


Vic Allen
Jim Foti
John Foti
Jennifer Lee
Brit Oliphant
Luke Evslin
Tiffany Paglinawan
Mel Puu
Jen Fratzke
Aaron Napoleon

Western US

Gerry Lopez
Cyril Burguiere
Paul Clark
Brett Saguid
Kyle Ikaika Pidot
Alan Goto
Mulu Tapassa
Tim Dougherty
Julie Wolfe
Lori Jorgenson
Gillian Gibree
Martin Sundberg
Erik Scharffenberg
Beau Whitehead
Joe Naholowa'a
Kristy Murphy
Jeannie Barrett
Terri Plunkett
Sarah Sandstrom
Jill Schooler
Jen Kjellesvik
Judy Shasek
Joe Threadgill
Sarah Tiefenthaler
Karen Wrenn

Eastern US

Danielle Benton
Travis Hayes
Gary Wise
Kim James
Margo Pelegrino
Taylor Resnick

Central US

Michael Westenberger


Giordano Bruno Capparella
Caroline Angibaud
Holly Bassett
Melvin Palmiano
Greg Carson
Lori Velisek
Liz Wardley
Harmony Dawn

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