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Ambassador: Lindsay Lambert

How did you come to know of KIALOA and how did you team up – what was the evolution of this relationship?

My first year of racing in 2014 I met  Dave and Meg Chun. I accompanied my boss and friend, Corey Dolan down to the 2014 Bend Paddle Challenge for my first five mile race on the Deschutes River. I placed 3rd! It was only my second race ever. Corey was already a dealer for Kialoa and had been for some time, we were invited over to the Chun's house for dinner and that is when I had the honor of getting to know them. Over the next three years I came back to Bend to compete in the 2015 and 2016 Bend Paddle Challenge, did a photoshoot for Athleta featuring Kialoa gear, and did a bio-mechanics photoshoot for Kialoa. That shoot was pretty memorable! It was in early spring and it was freezing outside. As I posed doing SUP yoga on the Deschutes River in the 40 degree weather with Dave, Meg, and Carrie cheering me on I realized it didn’t matter how cold it was outside. If the pictures we took inspired someone new to try SUP, it was all worth it. I want to inspire people like Kialoa inspires me. The Chun’s have helped point me in a direction that has allowed me to find my strength as a person and my passion in life. They have also had a hand in me meeting the most awesome photographer I know, Paul Clark! Paul is a Kialoa Ambassador,  as well. We have done many photoshoots representing my passion for SUP, Yoga, and Kialoa! He captures moments that I will treasure for all my life.

My SUP journey is driven by the people I have met. By the paddles I hold in my hands. By the boards I paddle and flow on. Dave, Meg, Carrie, and Kialoa have been a huge part of my journey and I'm excited to get back down to Bend for summer 2018!

What does being a steward of the KIALOA brand mean to you?

To me, Kialoa represents good people, equipment, and energy. Not only do I believe in the Chun’s as wonderful, humble, knowledgeable people, I believe in their products/ equipment. I’ve been blessed to see first hand the love and good energy that goes into their products. I couldn’t help but want to paddle their gear! Their paddles are durable, light, versatile, and I am proud to promote them. Their boards are rad, stable, durable, and draw attention to them where ever I paddle them.  I am very picky about my Yoga boards and I have tried 100’s in the past 3 ½ yrs. I need a stable platform to practice my passion on and good prana (energy) to allow me to focus. Being a steward of the Kialoa brand is about having a passion and energy for the water and paddle sports.

A little about Lindsay. 

I grew up in the Bellevue/Issaquah area of Washington state. I’ve been an athlete all of my life, with a 12+ years background in competitive swimming that ultimately lead to my career in teaching. I began teaching aquatic based classes and became a ARC Lifeguarding 18 years ago. Then 7 years ago moved out of the pool to focus on land-based fitness. I practiced Vinyasa, power Flow, mat Pilates, PiYo™, and TRX™ (Suspension Training) for years before pursuing my certifications.

I fell in love with Vinyasa yoga and mat Pilates for the benefits of balance, flexibility, and breath awareness. Now specializing in Ashtanga yoga with a Vinyasa flow, I have a passion for challenging my students and helping them to take their practice to the next level. Inversions, arm balancing, deep bends, and twist are just some of my favorite explorations in practice.

Four years ago, I decided to put my knowledge of water and land based exercise together. Through Bliss Paddle Yoga™ I certified as a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor and then certified twice as a PaddleFit Core coach through PaddleFit™. I started my own Stand Up Paddle business- Paddling Yogini LLC and  I now paddle, flow, and teach on bodies of water all over the PNW.

As a teacher, my passion is to make a positive impact on students’ lives. I believe through a healthy mind, body, and spirit you can achieve anything. I enjoy teaching all ability levels, beginners to advanced students.  As a mother, I feel a healthy lifestyle should be introduced to children at a young age and encouraged through their lives. I am very passionate about raising my two children and helping them learn to lead healthy lives of their own. I started teaching kids swim lessons over 18 years ago and then began teaching Big Kids and Tween Yoga classes in Issaquah, WA over 4 years ago for my kids to be able to grow their practice.

Just this Fall 2017, I opened my own yoga studio in Issaquah, WA. One Mind Yoga - harmonize mind, body, and inner self! I now have a location where I can offer Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yin, and Kids/Tween Yoga, as well as TRX Suspension Training and TRX Yoga Fusion. My studio is very welcoming to all walks of life and no matter where you are with your fitness journey, you’ll find support here.

How did you get started in paddlesports?

I was a prone paddler for 10+ years when I was an open water lifeguard. For my 30th birthday (March 2014) I decided I wanted to take my yoga instructing to the next level. I signed up for a SUP Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Paddle Yoga in Laguna Beach, CA. Before I attended the training I wanted to actually try SUP, so I went to the 2014 Outdoor Adventure Expo in Seattle and met Jeff Underwood from Kirkland (NW Paddle Surfer’s) and Corey Dolan from Tacoma (Dolan’s Board Sports).  There was a demo pool set up and demoed yoga on their boards for hours. Corey invited me back the next day to be his “SUP Yoga demo girl”. At the conclusion of the event, Jeff and Corey offered my a position teaching SUP yoga for their rental business in the 2014 Summer season. I was stoked.

I completed my training in CA and simply fell in love with SUP.  Corey encouraged and motivated me to start racing and in April 2014 I did my first race and won! I was hooked and started paddling/ training everyday on a King’s board and with Kialoa paddle Corey provided to me. Once the warm weather came, I started teaching outdoors in Kirkland and Tacoma, for Jeff & Corey May through September 2014, then moved indoors teaching SUP Yoga. Through the Fall & Winter, I taught indoor in Tacoma and also started my own indoor SUP yoga program out in Issaquah. I was certified  by Corey in PaddleFit level 1 & 2 October 2014, which really helped me to dial in my paddling technique!

In the 2015 season, I repeated what I did in summer 2014 with even more success. I opened my own SUP business- Paddling Yogini LLC, I taught SUP Yoga, PaddleFit lessons, and attended as many races as I could in WA, Idaho, Canada, and Oregon. In 2016 through 2017, my Paddling Yogini LLC has been growing and expanding! I teach all over the PNW and collaborate with other fitness studios, indoor pools, and businesses to run SUP events for their students/ members/ employees. I have had the chance to teach on many different bodies of water, as well as in pools. I have not been able to race as much with how much I have been teaching and opening my new studio, but summer 2018 I hope to get in more races and get back down to my favorite city, Bend, OR!

What does paddling mean to you? 

The paddling community is a Village of Stoke. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers all coming together to get out on the water and have fun! It doesn’t have to just be about racing or yoga, just trying something new to promote a healthier way of living. Paddling to me is my calm place. I go to the water to clear my head of distractions and cleanse me body of unwanted stress. Paddling empowers me to adventure to new places and explores different bodies of water. On the racing side, I love to compete and make it onto the podium. It makes me proud that I was able to pick up a new sport in my 30’s and rock it!

What is something you are really proud of and why?

I am a single mother of 2 amazing kids. My daughter is 14, Zoey, and my son is 9, Gage. We do yoga, paddle, skate, and adventure together. They are my life and give me reason to thrive and succeed in this life. I started a Kids & Tween Yoga program for them at my yoga studio. My son loves to race mommy’s paddle board in the Kids races at events I attend. My daughter will frequently attend my SUP Yoga classes.

As a single mom. it has always been a struggle to find balance and stability, but through my struggles I’ve gained the strength, patience, and drive I need to be the woman I am today.

What community events, charity participation or other organizations are you a part of?

I had the honor being chosen as the Yoga professional at this year's first annual 2017 Seattle Stand Up Paddle for the Cure event at Lake Sammamish State Park. I also had the honor of representing Kialoa at the event! I donated the use of my fleet of boards and Kialoa paddles and taught my biggest SUP yoga class yet for the event. The turn out an energy was amazing! I am so looking forward to next year's event!

2017 /2018 Events you participated/will participate in?

Races attended 2017:

  • Northwest Paddle Challenge 1st place in the Women's 3 mile race
  • Seattle Stand Up for the Cure 1st place in the Women's 5k

Races planned for 2018:

  • Northwest Paddle Challenge in May
  • Bend Paddle Challenge in June
  • Champion of the Crescent in July
  • Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge in August
  • Round the Rock in September

What Inspires You?

My children! They’re my light in this world and purpose! They're the reason I strive to be a good person and leader. I can't be without them and when I have to be away from them, it can only be a matter of days because I miss them too much!

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