Replacement Cable Kit for Adjustable Paddles

Inside all of our  Lever Lock adjustable inserts lives an essential piece of equipment. This is our cable kit. The insert should be rinsed with fresh water and stored dry after each use but from time to time it's not possible. In that case corrosion can occur on the cables, nuts and pins located in the system. This quick fix kit will get your paddle back in working order with minimal effort. Be sure to watch our instructional video if you need assistance swapping out the cable. Kit includes: NEW Cable, Dowel Pin, Rubber Plug, Washer, Nut, Hair Pin and Lever. Hang on to these additional parts for any other  maintenance you may have down the road.

To ensure we get you the right parts please indicate the plug diameter (25 or 26mm), the Handle/Lever shape (Tee or Palm), and finally the length of your adjustability (6, 10 or 16 inches).  Pictures provided are to help identify which insert you have.