16" Utility Palm Adjustable Insert

The 16" Utility Palm Adjustable Insert is available across our SUP lineup. These LeverLock Assemblies include printing measurements right on the system. Additionally, Our Utility palm grip is designed for maximum comfort and control. 

Each Stand Up Paddle currently uses specific lengths. If you're looking to replace the LeverLock Adjustable System for your paddle, use the references below.


Current Season Models

  • Shaft Diameter (26mm)
    GL Surf II, Pipes II

  • Shaft Diameter (25mm)
    Uhane, Tiare 

2020 or Older Models

  • Shaft Diameter (26mm)
    GL Surf, Pipes, Insanity CF, Insanity Blend

  • Shaft Diameter (25mm)
    Insanity FG, Tiare, Aloha