SEEA Generations

April 26, 2018


Seea swimwear is one of the newer brands to join our KIALOA online village. They are born of the waves and the ocean, and have a unique point of view that is evident in their creative swimsuits, surf suits, bikinis and rashguards.  

Cut with waves in mind, each suit reflects a female surfer’s needs, so why leave your style on the beach? Simply put, Seea is a celebration of the rhythm and grace of women’s surfing, and the magic of riding waves.

About the Video: 

In moments of time expanding in slow motion to quick spikes of energy, this session was our entire wondrous world in a bottle. We had no expectations—except being thirsty to start the day rinsing off in the saltwater. Then the sun shined ever brighter, the wind never shivered that it was time to paddle in. The waves just kept rippling through and we were here together. 

Featuring: Leah Dawson, Rosie Jaffurs, and Sierra Lerback.

“Ka Nalu, The Surf Pt. I” is part of Seea’s latest documentary film series “Generations.” This collection of snapshots celebrates the many ways women enjoy the same ocean through evolving stages of their lives.

From living completely in the present, to pushing past their fears and boundaries, teaching their daughters what they learned from their mothers, and reflecting on how they came to live their dreams— no matter the pivots and shifts in the journey of womanhood, the sea is our constant companion.

Agency: Togetherness
Creative Director: Mark Tesi
Director: Russell Brownley
Cinematographer: Bryce Johnson
Water Cinematographers: Bryce Johnson and Russell Brownley
Editor: Matt Lawless
Color: John Carrington
Music: Marmoset, James Younger