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Tiare Fiberglass Adjustable


Want a paddle that is light and durable and adjusts in length and is sized for a woman? The Tiare Fiberglass Adjustable is the best of all worlds. Featuring a Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade, the durability and impact resistance of these blades is unmatched while offering a light weight, stiff and high performance feel. The 80 square inch blade provides the perfect power for women in a variety for paddling environments. Utilizing post manufacturing (pre-baby) diaper scraps these are the first high performance blades using recycled material. We combine this blade with a light and durable Slim™ fiberglass shaft which is perfect for smaller hands. We then top it off with our 16" Utili-T™ insert which offers 16" of adjustment with a rubber coated ABS T-Grip for paddlers who want to adjust length (66" to 82") on the fly and share their paddle with family and friends.



  • Durable rubber coated ABS Utili-T™ Grip.
  • 16" Utili-T™ insert for length adjustment (66" to 82") on the fly.
  • Shaft
  • Slim diameter durable fiberglass shaft with flower graphics.
  • Blade
  • Smaller blade provides perfect power for women in a variety of environments.
  • Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade is lightweight with unmatched impact resistance.
  • PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch.
  • Available in Blue, Yellow or Pink.

    • Handle: Rubberized ABS Utili-T™
    • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
    • Shaft Shape: Round, slim
    • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
    • Surface Area: 80 sq in
    • Blade Material: Fiberglass Fibrlite™
    • Blade Width: 7 1/2"
    • Blade Length: 15 1/2"
    • Adjustability: 66" - 82"
    • Total Paddle Weight: 24 oz

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