Makahiki Dragon Paddle

Makahiki (noun)- an ancient Hawaiian festival beginning the middle of October and lasting about four months; with sports, games, religious festivities and a taboo on war.

Not only did we blend cultures when naming this paddle, we also blended technology. We combined our ultra durable CFRT® blade with a light fiberglass shaft and a plastic T- grip. Our inspiration was born out of the need for a "no-maintenance" high performance, ultra durable festival paddle at a great price. For those who appreciate light, durable and affordable equipment the Makahiki is your paddle.

Designed for festival races and practice, this paddle is not IDBF approved. Assembled in the USA.



    • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
    • Shaft Shape: Round
    • Grip: ABS T-grip
    • Blade Material: Fiberglass Fibrlite™
    • Blade Shape: IDBF specifications
    • Total Paddle Weight: 19.5 oz

Compare our Paddles
 Model Weight Shaft Shape Shaft Material IDBF Approved
Zen 14 oz Round Carbon Yes
Zen Adj 17 oz Round Carbon Yes
Metta 16 oz Oval Carbon Yes
Yin Yang 19 oz Oval Wood Yes
Makahiki 20 oz Round Fiberglass No

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