WAM Dragon Boat Club

Location (city/state): Renton, WA

How did your club get started? When? 

The idea behind the WAM Dragon Boat Club happened organically during the Portland Dragon Boat Festival in September of 2011.  A group of paddlers all over the age of 40 from various clubs in the Puget Sound area pulled together a crew to enter into a specialty race and took home the gold.  From there, WAM was officially formed in 2012 and has been a competitive club that has traveled the world to compete in a multitude of races.

What is the goal/mission of this club?

While starting out as a Masters club, WAM has evolved into an all-ages club while maintaining the goal of always competing at a high level. WAM is committed to the growth of paddlers within the sport both on and off the water with a strong initiative of giving back to the community.

Anything else you would like share? 

The WAM Dragon Boat Club as of October 2023 has moved into a new home in Renton, Washington. This transition has been an exciting time for our growing club. We are actively bringing on new paddlers and sharing our passion for this sport with the community around us.

Contact Information

Website: www.wamdragonboat.org

Facebook: WAM Dragon Boat Club

Instagram: @wam.dragon.boat.club

Primary Contact (name/role/email):Lesley Blyth / Head Coach /  wam.coach@wamdragonboat.org