Seattle Flying Dragons

Location (city/state): Seattle, Washington

How did your club get started? When? 

The Seattle Flying Dragons were originally a branch of the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association, and in 2008 we had grown enough to form our own club. We now have over 100 members and hold practices 6 days a week in downtown Seattle and in the city of Kenmore!

What is the goal/mission of this club?

Our club’s mission is to further awareness and participation in the sport of dragon boating in our community!  We support the development of amateur athletes for competitions, provide free practices for new paddlers, and offer team building events for companies to teach the value of teamwork, cooperation, and fitness!

Anything else you would like share? 

We are passionate about paddling and are excited to host paddlers who are visiting Seattle from out of town!  Please contact us to drop in at one of our practices, we love meeting new people!

Contact Information



Primary Contact (name/role/email): Katie Nishimura, Vice President,