New 2017 Graphics

East Side Graphics

The 2017 graphic name ‘EAST SIDE K’ is symbolic of the east side of Oahu where Dave Chun grew up.  It is also the location of the origin of KIALOA.  The east side of the island is the windward side and home of Kailua Canoe Club where Dave found his passion for paddling and his amazingly talented wife Meg. Be among the first to get this contemporary design in Mandarin or Lime offered on select Outrigger, Dragon, and SUP composite blades.


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Gerry Lopez Graphics

The new 'GL' blade graphics have been proudly updated to our 2017 collection with some added flair. The Gerry Lopez graphic was originally introduced in 2013 after this paddle was tested by Gerry on a trip to Mexico. Upon Gerry's return he stated "this is the one, you can put my name on it". The GL Surf Paddle graphic is exclusively available only on the GL Surf Series of SUP Paddles in Coastal Blue or White Sand.