Hui Heihei Wa'a

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Club Name & Type (Outrigger/Dragon/Combination):Hui Heihei Wa'a Outrigger Canoe Club


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How did your club get started? When?Several transplanted Hawaiians yearned for the fun times of their youth on the shores of Waikiki (plus, they really needed something to do on weekends). So, they found some folks who had a canoe. Of course, this canoe was a Suquamish/Native American canoe and without an outrigger to keep them upright, the Hawaiians did a lot of swimming in Puget Sound.

Tired of being wet and cold, they decided to purchase an outrigger canoe. To raise the money, they washed hundreds of cars, sold a ton of Portuguese sausage, and even held a can crushing party to raise enough money. They named their canoe Kahekili (the thunder).

From these humble beginnings, Hui Heihei Wa'a has grown into one of Washington's largest canoe clubs with nearly 100 members and five canoes - 3 spec boats: Makani Hawanawana (whispering wind), Ke'aumoana, Kawika (named after Uncle David, one of our founding fathers), and two ultra-lights: Ke Kai Koa (ocean warrior) and Kahikina.

We invite you to join our ohana (family) and enjoy the sport of outrigger canoe racing.

What is the goal/mission of this club?

We are a competitive outrigger racing team and a fun-loving group who enjoys paddling and racing. Everyone can participate in this sport. Different age and experience categories allow young, old, new and seasoned paddlers to compete.