Greater Chicago Dragon Boat Club

How did you club get started? When?
Founded in 2016! The names of our first three boats were Harmony, Diversity and Inspiration for a reason. As the first Chicago-based dragon boat racing club it was important to us to pay homage to the city’s rich neighborhood assets—its people.


What is the goal/mission of this club?

Our mission is to promote and expand the sport of dragon boat racing in the Chicagoland area and to provide a fun, unique, supportive and healthy activity to a diverse community of paddlers with various backgrounds and skill levels.

More about us

We host and facilitate an adaptive dragon boat team for people with disabilities.

Contact Information

Joel Berman | Vice President | Email:

Facebook: Great Chicago Dragon Boat Club

Instagram: @greater_chicago_dragon_boat

Location: Chicago, Illinois


Greater Chicago Dragon Boat Club - Photo by Howard Moy     Greater Chicago Dragon Boat Club