Dana Outrigger Canoe Club - Racing Team

How did your club get started? When?

The Dana Outrigger Canoe Club was established in 1971 by the legendary waterman, Lorrin “Whitey” Harrison.

What is the goal/mission of this club?

Our mission statement is to encourage, maintain and perpetuate Polynesian outrigger canoe competition internationally, nationally and in the Dana Point Harbor and South Orange County portions of the State of California. To provide instruction, training and coaching designed to develop and support outrigger competitors participating in organized outrigger canoe racing events sanctioned by the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association, the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association in Hawaii, and the International Polynesian Canoe Federation among others. To provide instruction on ocean and water safety to adult and child members and the Sailing and Events Center. To provide an annual scholarship to Dana Outrigger student athletes with demonstrated academic and or athletic ability.

Contact Information

Sue Compton | President of Dana Outrigger | Email: doccsocial@gmail.com 

Website: www.danaoutrigger.net

Facebook: Dana Outrigger Canoe Club

Instagram: @danaoutrigger

Location: Dana Point, California


Dana Outrigger Canoe ClubDana Outrigger Canoe Club - photo by C silvesterDana Outrigger Canoe ClubDana Outrigger Canoe Club