We’ve all seen the surfer who walks down to the edge of the water, sets the board in the sand, and gets cranking on calisthenics. With jumping jacks, arm wiggles, and thrusts in every direction, rest assured, you will always catch a few smirks and eye rolls from your fellow surfers. While warming up and stretching at the edge of the water comes off as a bit kook-y, nothing is worse than being landlocked as a result of pulling or tearing a muscle. We recently linked up with strength and conditioning specialist Brandon Glade, who works with the likes of Albee Layer and Oliver Kurtz, to break down five pre-surf stretches that do work. Because if you’re going to be that person stretching at the edge of the water, you might as well be doing it right. The following have been dubbed the five pillars of dynamic mobility for surfing, and their purpose is to fire up those muscles which you’ll use upon entering the water.

The Crunch And Roll

Why? The Crunch and Roll activates your core and gets blood flowing to your anterior chain of muscles, including your abs and hip flexors.  Read More