May 21, 2018

KIALOA and 'Elele Evelyn O'Doherty have teamed up to bring you brief highlights of KIALOA paddlers from the East Coast! Tune in to meet more great people who simply enjoy paddling!

Thinking About a SUP Retreat

Stand Up Paddle Surf Retreat with Marc Angelillo

How about spending your days waking up to the sound of breaking surf in a luxury private villa, enjoying your morning coffee while overlooking the incoming swells, morning discussions with focus sessions on how to attack the break, 2-3 sessions of small group private sup surf coaching followed by delicious catered dinners and laughter under the stars?  Welcome to the Villa Playa Maria, home of Kialoa Elele Evelyn O'Doherty and North East Kialoa Rep Marc Angelillo's Stand Up Paddle Surf Retreat in Rincon PR.


This year's retreat, in April 2018, created opportunities for multiple levels of paddlers to enhance their performance on the waves, dial in their technique and raise the bar for the summer ahead.  Paddlers from all over the Northern Hemisphere gathered on the private grounds of Villa Playa Maria to partake in a week of sun, surf and performance with Evelyn and Marc in order to prepare them for the summer ahead.



"I can’t say enough good things about Evelyn O'Doherty and Marc Angelillo what a journey we were on. I am so Grateful and can’t wait until the next trip!" - Dee Roberts, Rockaway NY
"This past week I attended Evelyn O'Doherty and Marc Angelillo's Stand Up Paddle Surf Retreat. Everything was amazing from the beautiful villa and their amazing services to sup surfing every day with Evelyn and Marc.  Both dedicated all their time in helping each person become more confident and stronger with their skills. Each session was both fun and challenging.The world would be a better place with more of Evelyn and Marc’s in it. They both have nothing but positive energy and feedback not to mention the ability to make you laugh until it hurts. Thank you both! I hope your retreats continue to succeed because everyone should experience being in your company and learning to sup or sup surf from two great coaches." - Dee Roberts, Rockaway NY

“Every once in a while, I’m actually in the right place at the right time! My skill level went way up and the stoke level sky high at our Stand Up Paddle Surf Retreat 2018. Thanks again Evelyn O'Doherty and Marc Angelillo!  It  was also super cool to meet Chuck Patterson down in Rincon as well. Villa Playa Maria was so nice! Great, nutritious, healthy food. Can’t wait to do it again.”  - Ken Weissman, Encinitas CA

Stay tuned for more retreat dates from this adventuresome duo!  They've already booked their return to the Villa Playa Maria in Rincon, Puerto Rico and  Marc is scouting out locations for his North East Sup 'n Surf Workshops from Rhode Island to Maine this summer.  You can always catch Evelyn out in the waters of Montauk, NY.  Between the two, you can't miss ;) 

That's one way to be #togetheronthewater.  

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