Vegan Rally Sampler

Picky Bars

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Cookie Doughpness, Smooth Caffeinator, All-In Almond

Vegans, rejoice! We use a small amount of honey in some of our bars, but this pack is totally animal-free. All-In Almond, Cookie Doughpness, and Smooth Caffeinator get their sweetness from dried fruit, a touch of agave, and responsibly-sourced endorphin juice we pluck off people running on the Deschutes River Trail. Just kidding. That’s totally not vegan-friendly.

* p.s. Blueberry Boomdizzle and Ah, Fudge Nuts! are also vegan.

  • 200 Calories = 7g Fat + 28g Carbs + 7g Protein 

  • Gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free.

  • Balanced with athletes in mind, but great anytime.

  • 4:1 carb to protein ratio = ingredient science.



All-in Almond // Agave Sweetened Awesomesauce (vegan) 

Cookie Doughpness // Cinnamon Blazin' Raisin (vegan) 

Smooth Caffeinator // Hazelnut Mocha Madness (vegan)

Produced in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. May contain pit or shell fragments.

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