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Small Craft Warning Steering Paddle


Hold On...
On those days your mind says "stay on the beach" but your body says "go," grab the Small Craft Warning to help keep it all together. This steering paddle is designed for the rigors of huge water paddling and is a must for the quiver.



  • Hand shaped wood Ergo-T™ Grip
  • Shaft
  • Hand shaped Steering Single Bend Shaft
  • Oval tapered wood
  • Triple laminated for strength and durability
  • Blade
  • Carbon/Epoxy with foam/wood core
  • Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
  • Dihedral for maximum sticking to canoe when poking
  • Rub strips protect your investment and increases sticking to the canoe

    • Grip: Wood Ergo-T
    • Shaft Material: Laminated wood
    • Shaft Shape: Oval, tapered
    • Single Bend: 2 degree
    • Blade Material: Carbon skin, foam and wood core
    • Surface Area: 199 sq in
    • Blade Width: 10"
    • Blade Length: 23"
    • Total Paddle Weight: 28-30 oz.

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