Hoku Hybrid Single Bend Outrigger Paddle Closeout

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  • Discontinued in 2019 the Single Bend version of the Hoku is being offered for a good deal while supplies last. Designed specifically for 6-man outrigger, this paddle is the offspring of our Hoku Carbon paddle. The Hoku Hybrid Single Bend has updated features all around; a larger blade, a slimmer shaft, and an enhanced Ergo-T™ top. If you're looking for our top of the line single bend hybrid for 6-man racing, this is the paddle for you. Made in the USA.
    Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.
  • Top
    Hand shaped dark wood Ergo-T2™ Grip
    Hand shaped Slim Single Bend Shaft™
    Oval tapered wood
    Triple laminated for strength and durability
    Carbon/Epoxy with wood/foam core
    Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
    Dihedral for stability
    Thin PowerHook™ tip for a clean entry and solid catch
  • Blade Angle: 10 degrees
    Blade Width: 9 3/8"
    Blade Length: 18"
    Blade Surface Area: 115 square inches
    Shaft: Single Bend
    Weight: 18-20 oz

    Category: Hybrid Outrigger