Hoku Carbon Double Bend Outrigger Paddle

  • No Rules. Unlimited Possibilities. Designed without limits the amazingly light Hoku Carbon Double Bend was developed for the speed of the fastest unlimited canoes. It's perfect for paddlers looking for the power of a carbon blade combined with the weight savings and biomechanical advantages of our double bend shaft. The blade of the Hoku Carbon Double Bend provides a clean strong consistent catch on every stroke. Assembled in the USA of domestic and imported parts.
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    Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip
    Black Double Bend Shaft
    Pre-preg carbon for superior strength to weight ratio
    Matte black finish for a hi-tech aesthetic
    Carbon/Epoxy with foam core
    Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
    Dihedral for stability
    Thin PowerHook™ tip for a clean entry and solid catch
  • Blade Angle: 16 1/2 degrees
    Surface Area: 115 sq in
    Blade Width: 9 3/8"
    Blade Length: 18"
    Blade Surface Area: 115 square inches
    Shaft: Double Bend
    Shaft Top Angle: 7 1/2 degrees
    Weight: 13 oz

    Category: 100% Carbon Outrigger

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