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The first electric conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards. A silent, zero emission, battery powered, electric conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards, turning your paddle board into a human electric hybrid. Patent Pending. 


Key Features

Wireless remote: The ElectraFin's™ waterproof marine-grade wireless remote attaches to the rider's paddle for easy access and is operated by the touch of a button. Choose between 99 speed settings on the LED display. Select forward or flip it in reverse and try and paddle forward for the ultimate resistance training! Turn off the ElectraFin™ with the "Stop" button when you've reached your destination or decide to switch to human power only. Silent operation: The Electrafin™ is completely silent, the sound of water splashing against your board or boat moving through the water is more noticeable then the silent spinning propeller. Durable construction: All ElectraFin’s are built in the United States in Seattle, WA using impact strengthened polycarbonate. Blades are protected from impact. Zero emissions: The ElectraFin™ is a zero emission battery powered propulsion system. Unlike conventional outboard motors which require regular oil changes, maintenance, and gasoline the ElectraFin™ can be recharged just like a laptop or cell phone or can be plugged into the optional solar charger. Universal mounting methods: Mounts in standard long board and paddle board fin boxes. Optional mounts for inflatable kayaks, inflatable paddle boards and kayaks with rudder systems. Total weight including battery pack: 14 pounds (6.4 kg). Waterproof: IP67 marine grade connectors and fully sealed electronics. Safety propeller guard: The ElectraFin™ was designed around a safety propeller guard which keeps users, marine life, and other people enjoying the water safe from the propulsion systems propeller. Range: 2 hours or 8 miles on full speed. 8 hours or 16 miles on low. Optional solar recharging kit: 40 watt flexible solar panel for charging the battery pack. Battery Charge Indicator: Waterproof multi-color led battery status indicator built into control case. Extremely fast recharge times: The 6 amp intelligent charger will recharge the battery in 3-5 hours from a full discharge. Mount the Electrafin to Any Inflatable Kayak, Sup, Or Dinghy: Using the glue on PVC fin box you can add the ElectraFin™ to nearly all inflatable boats with a payload of under 600 pounds.  


Range at Full Speed - 2 Hrs. (9 Miles) Top Speed Range at Low Speed - 8 Hrs. (16 Miles) Low Speed Motor weight - 6.5 Lbs. Battery weight - 7.5 Lbs. Battery Voltage - 14.6 Volts Battery Capacity - 420 Watt Hours Battery Chemistry - Samsung Lithium-Ion NCA Battery Life - 8-10 K Miles Maximum power - 400 Watts Controller - Wireless Remote Steering - Manual Steering Charger - 150 Watt Intelligent Battery Charger Fin height - 12’’ Top Speed - 4-5 Mph Boat Dependent Propeller - Replaceable

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