Gibbon Andy Lewis Trickline Pro Set


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This high performance Trickline set consists of two power ratchets backed by shackles and a 2 m and 3 m round sling. It ensures a perfect set up for when trees are not the same size. The unique feature on the line design is the “Sweet Spot” providing a visible mark on the slackline which can be determined during setup. You can create a setup which helps you to position yourself when performing and to know which trick to perform where! This allows you to determine which part of the line is the ideal starting point for big combos and power moves.
2 ratchets with safety lock & ratchet band|2 ratchets with safety lock & ratchet band|LENGTH: 82ft. / 25m|STRENGTH: 30kn|Length: 82ft. / 25m|Strength: 30kN
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