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First created by EarLabs AB in Sweden with support from Danish open-water swimmer, Hans Henrik H. Heming, SwimEars® earplugs let sound in and keep water out. With over 1,000 hours of design, development and prototyping, SwimEars® earplugs have proved successful in all elements, from icy cold winter swells in Sweden to tropical surf in Barbados. SwimEars® earplugs offer a revolutionary design that blocks water, cold air, dirt and bacteria to help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer's ear) and bone growth in the ear canal (surfer's ear).

LET SOUND IN, KEEP WATER OUT Outperforms all other earplugs on the market ? seals and protects ears without interfering with hearing BUDS Blocks water by sealing ear canals (three sizes included)

IMPROVES EAR HEALTH Helps prevent swimmer's ear (otitis externa) and surfer's ear (exostosis)

ADJUSTABLE SILICONE STRAP Optional strap offers security during use

CUSTOMIZABLE FIT Includes interchangeable sizes of Buds and Stabilization Wings to ensure a watertight and comfortable fit

CARRYING CASE Keeps earplugs clean and protected

STABILIZATION WINGS Secures earplugs during rigorous activities (two sizes included)

IMPROVES SAFETY Allows swimmers to easily hear and hold conversations with coaches, lifeguards and other swimmers

ACOUSTIC MESH Maximizes hearing while blocking water, cold air, dirt and bacteria


CORE Boosts acoustic performance and enables custom fit of Buds and Stabilization Wings


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