Ekahi Carbon Double Bend Outrigger Paddle-Blemished

  • Many outrigger paddlers are forgoing the pedals and rudder, and our paddle designer and founder Dave Chun is no exception. His journey into the world of V1 paddling began with the impulsive purchase of a Tiger Canoe Fai 3X after visiting Tiger at his "Up Country" Big Island shop, where livestock are a landmark. After months of prototyping and testing, Dave’s conclusion? A bigger stiffer blade with less angle makes it easier to control the va’a.  And from here the Ekahi (“One”) was born. Please note that these paddles may have cosmetic blemishes which do not affect the performance or structural integrity of the paddle, are sold as is, and are covered under our one year warranty for structural defects.

    Assembled in USA of domestic and imported parts.
    Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.

  • Top   
    Carbon Double Bend Ergo-T provides the greatest level of control and allows for a relaxed hand position.
    Light responsive round Carbon shaft.
    Highest energy transfer during the power phase.
    Offers great strength to weight ratio.
    Ergonomic double bend shaft design.
    Offered in Carbon Black, Hi-Vis Green and Hi-Vis Orange.
  • Blade
    Carbon/epoxy foam core blade.
    Stiff blade with flat powerface.
    Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability.
  • Blade Angle: 11.5 degrees
    Blade Width: 9 1/2"
    Blade Length: 18"
    Blade Surface Area: 119 square inches
    Shaft: Double Bend
    Top shaft angle: 7.5 degrees
    Paddle weight: 16 oz

    Category: 100% Carbon Outrigger

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     Blade Width Surface Area Blade Angle Shaft Style
    Paea 9.5" 120 sq in 16 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Leahi 9.5" 119 sq in 12 Degree Round Double Bend
    Ekahi 9.5" 119 sq in 11.5 Degree Round Double Bend
    Hoku 9.375" 115 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Ka'ala 8.75" 112 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend
    Nehu 9.312" 111 sq in 11 Degree Double Bend
    Axel II 9.25" 108 sq in 10 Degree LoFat Single Bend
    Mekana 9.25" 99 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Keiki Ka'ala 8.75" 91 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend

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