Inflatable PFD 16g Belt Pack Life Jacket

Type V PFDs are considered Special Use Devices.  The advantages of an inflatable waist pack PFD is that it is more convenient or useful for specific activities. And continuosly wearing a PFD prevents you from being caught without protection. However, inflatable PFDs are less safe than other Types if not used according to the label and may require more than one step to give proper flotation when needed. This PFD must be worn to be counted as a regulation PFD.  

Lightweight Value Pillow Style Type V PFD

  • Low profile compact desgn provides up to 16.5 lb of flotation with a pillow style bladder
  • Type V USCG approved - must be worn to be legal
  • Pull to inflate, pull attachment strap over head to secure
  • Red Oral Tube for additional inflation by mouth
  • Includes 16-gram CO2 cylinder
  • Includes whistle
  • Movable D-ring attachment point on belt
  • Design Buoyancy 15.5 lb inflated
  • USCG Type V
  • Age 16 years and up
  • Chest 30"-52"
  • Belt Length 58.5" 
  • Weight 80 lbs and up. 
  • Not available for Express Shipping - Ground shipping only
  • TSA prohibits CO2 cylinders in carry-on
  • To vew THINK SAFE booklet click here.


  • Zippered pocket
  • Premium Halkey Roberts manual inflator mechanism
  • Indicator Window to check arming status
  • Included bayonet-style CO2 cylinder
  • D-ring attachment points
  • Whistle included.