Al Van Guisen

'Elele Al Van Guisen Gives Us His Story

'Elele Al Van Guisen Gives Us His Story

City, State you were born:

Honolulu, Hawaii - Oahu

Current location: 

Nanakuli, Oahu

How you got started in paddling:

My grandparents started the Leeward Kai Canoe Club in 1967, so I was pretty much born into it.  We’re celebrating our 50th year next year!

What paddling activities you are involved in currently:

Outrigger, OC-1, SUP Surfing, Dragon Boating, Canoe Surfing

Other Interests that are important to you:

Not sure how to answer this?  But, I love to surf, especially with my wife and kids.  I enjoy canoe surfing.  As much as I love to compete, I’m getting older so I’m starting to enjoy giving back by coaching and being more involved in the daily activities/operation of the club.




Races you may be participating in 2016 or goals for future in paddling/life:

Molokai Hoe 2016

Queen Liliuokalani Race

(Maybe) 2nd Dragon Boat World Cup - China

Haven’t thought too far ahead at the moment.  but I do want to send a Leeward Kai crew to a couple races abroad next year to celebrate our 50th.