Keone Carbon Outrigger Paddle

  • Faithful Companion

    The Keone Carbon Single Bend composite paddle was designed specifically for consistent and comfortable energy transfer. We use carbon fabrics with specific fiber orientation and one-piece proprietary construction (no joint where the blade meets the shaft), to increase shock absorption and reduce joint stress. It's perfect for those who desire a light carbon paddle. Made in the USA.
    Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.

  • Grip: carbon Ergo-T
    Shaft: Single Bend
    Shaft Material: Carbon
    Shaft Shape: Round
    Blade Angle: 10 degree
    Blade Material: Carbon skin, foam core
    Blade Surface Area: 108 sq in
    Blade Width: 91/4 "
    Blade Length: 161/2 "
    Total Paddle Weight: 13-14 oz

    Category: Carbon 1 Piece Outrigger

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