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Outrigger Paddles - Wood Paddles

In 1991 Dave Chun started building wood outrigger paddles on his parent's lanai in Hawaii. He made paddles for himself, his friends and his teammates at Kailua Canoe Club. He named his small paddle business KIALOA, after a Transpac Sailing Canoe that he was infatuated with as a child. Little did he know that KIALOA meant "racing canoe" in Hawaiian. It seemed as though "KIALOA Paddles"  was meant to be.  Many years have passed since the early days of building paddles on the windward side of Oahu and Dave has developed a full line of paddles for every type of water, every type of canoe and every type of paddler.  Yet with all of the new innovations in paddles, sometimes coming back to tradition feels like coming home.  Our handcrafted wood paddles are the best of that tradition. Recognized for their carefully chosen woods, distinctive laminates and refined finish, our wood paddles are deisgned to be beautiful, functional and competetive.