Maui Jim Sunglasses

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“I got my first pair of Maui Jim's in the 1990's. That pair of sunglasses taught me the importance of having premium UV protection. We were on a multi-day boat trip off the coast of Molokai. We were spearfishing. As we powered along at full throttle to our first dive spot, in my haste to get into my wetsuit and be the first diver in the water, I ripped off my shirt and in the process scooped my Maui Jim's off my head and into the ocean. Lost at sea. I spent the remainder of the trip squinting, blinded by the intense Hawaiian sun. Fast forward to January 2017, my wife and I are walking along an ocean trail on the coast of Molokai and what do we find.... a pair of Maui Jim Haleakalas. Sunglass Karma.”  - Dave Chun, KIALOA