Le'ahi Double Bend Outrigger Paddle

  • Leahi

    Thoroughly tested and approved by our 'elele in Hawaii and on the mainland. The Leahi was inspired by KIALOA founder Dave Chun.  The Leahi features a one piece triple laminated wood upper bend and grip along with a carbon fiber lower shaft.  Stiff blade construction combined with a new blade shape and 12 degree offset for maximum power transfer and efficiency through the water.

    This option of the Leahi is a fixed length, fully assembled paddle. .   Video: How to Size your Outrigger Paddle.

  • Top

    1 piece hand shaped upper bend and Ergo-T2 grip


    Round carbon lower shaft


    Carbon/Epoxy with wood/foam core
    Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
    Dihedral for stability

  • Blade Angle: 12 degrees
    Blade Width: 9 1/2"
    Blade Length: 18"
    Blade Surface Area: 119 square inches
    Shaft: Double Bend
    Weight: 16.5 oz

    Category: Hybrid Outrigger

    Compare our Paddles
     Blade Width Surface Area Blade Angle Shaft Style
    Paea 9.5" 120 sq in 16 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Leahi 9.5" 119 sq in 12 Degree Round Double Bend
    Ekahi 9.5" 119 sq in 11.5 Degree Round Double Bend
    Hoku 9.375" 115 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Ka'ala 8.75" 112 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend
    Nehu 9.312" 111 sq in 11 Degree Double Bend
    Axel II 9.25" 108 sq in 10 Degree LoFat Single Bend
    Mekana 9.25" 99 sq in 16.5 Degree Slim Double Bend
    Keiki Ka'ala 8.75" 91 sq in 10 Degree Fiberglass Single Bend