“I didn't get my first pair of athletic shoes until I started playing organized basketball at age 12. I had dress shoes, but I only wore those at weddings, funerals, and church. The other 99 percent of the time, I was in rubber slippers. Tradition in Hawaii is to remove one's footwear when entering a home. At a huge party or Luau, this was a major problem as everyone seemed to wear black. And everyone seemed to wear the same brand because we all bought them at Long's Drug Store. Less scrupulous guests would often go home with newer slippers than they arrived in.

This will never happen to you if you wear Havaiana slippers. With a kaleidoscope of colors and infinite designs, mixing up slippers at a party is as improbable as holding a winning lottery ticket. Established in 1962, Havaianas have been the standard for Brazilian beach wear for over half a century.” – Dave Chun