Monona Carbon Adjustable Canoe Paddle

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If you prefer the "hit and switch" method of paddling, then a bent shaft paddle is for you. With 10 inches of adjustability you can go solo with the Monona Carbon Adjustable, paddle stern or bow, and if you can let go of it long enough, share it with family and friends. This paddle features our super light impact resistant Carbon Fibrlite™ blade. Utilizing post manufacturing (pre-baby) diaper scraps, these are the first high performance blades using recycled material. We combine this blade with a light, strong, carbon shaft and top it with our adjustable ergonomic Carbon Pro-T LeverLock® with 10 inches of easy adjustability (48"-58").  Assembled in the USA.



  • Ergonomic Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip provides the greatest level of control and allows for a relaxed hand position.
  • 10" Pro-T™ insert for easy length adjustment (48"-58") with the flick of a lever.


  • Light and responsive round carbon shaft with optimized flex.
  • Carbon shaft has the highest energy transfer during the paddle stroke.
  • Offers the highest strength to weight ratio.


  • Carbon Fibrlite™ blade is lightweight with unmatched impact resistance.
  • PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch.


  • Surface Area: 116 inches square
  • Single Bend: 10 degree
  • Blade Width: 9"
  • Blade Length: 17 1/2"
  • Adjustability: 48 - 58 inches
  • Paddle Weight: 16.5 oz