When we started KIALOA in 1991, a lanai served as our shop, and the Kailua Beach parking lot was our showroom. Sales, marketing, R&D, and customer service were handled in one transaction. Our name was synonymous with high quality, high performance outrigger paddles.

Our business model was rooted in the craftsman tradition, back to a time when a person’s reputation, and often even their surname, was linked to the pride they took in their trade. If a person was named Carpenter or Shoemaker, you knew what they did for a living, and could count on the quality of their work. 

KIALOA is introducing a kayak paddle line, and though we aren’t changing our name, we are taking a step back in time. Putting craft before marketing hype, putting product performance and reliability before shine, putting the customer directly in contact with the builder.

Our goal is get you the best product, at the best price, and to put the end user back in the R&D loop.

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