May 19, 2017

The story of Daisy started with a phone call from our "hanai" son, Jeremy. "Father", Jeremy likes to call me father, "Do you know anyone who can fix my surfski?". After hearing about the extensive damage, I responded as any father, biological or not, would. "Bring me your ski and I'll take care of it."

To be honest, when I saw the damage, I thought I should take it to the landfill. Not only did it have huge open cracks, but it was twisted out of shape. But, when you are doing something for someone you love, you don't think about cost, or your time, or any other measure of reason. After repairing the 7 gapping wounds, I realized I would have to paint the entire kayak if I wanted to return it to it's original Epic White color. This would add a pound or two, to the carbon fiber hull. So, I decided not to paint it, and stopped with the black primer paint. When I step back and looked at it, I thought it looked like a Holstein Cow. --- Dave Chun



Now Daisy will be the boat of choice for Zoe Roy as she and Daisy look to beat her 2 hour time barrier in the 2017 Pole Pedal Paddle.  

All Race results now available on official site for PPP.

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