January 16, 2017

Larger scale clean up is in place around the globe. We can all do our part no matter how big or small to keep our beautiful waters clean and safe.
Artist’s impression of the 2,000-metre long coastal pilot in Japan
 Artist’s impression of what the 2,000-metre long coastal pilot will approximately look like in front of Tsushima Island, Japan Photograph: Erwin Zwart/The Ocean Cleanup

Further trials off the Dutch and Japanese coasts are now slated to begin in the new year. If they are successful, the world’s largest ever ocean cleanup operation will go live in 2020, using a gigantic V-shaped array, the like of which has never been seen before.

The so-called ‘Great Pacific garbage patch’, made up largely of tiny bits of plastic trapped by ocean currents, is estimated to be bigger than Texas and reaching anything up to 5.8m sq miles. It is growing so fast that, like the Great Wall of China, it is beginning to be seen from outer space, according to Jacqueline McGlade, the chief scientist of the UN environmental programme (Unep).

“We have to admit that there has been a market failure,” she told the Guardian. “Nevertheless, we have to create a market success that brings in new forms of chemistry and technology.”


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