July 05, 2018

Working out and being at the beach is the ultimate combination. Using bodyweight exercises, intervals, and circuits, you are guaranteed to get the workout you are looking for. Check out some of these great workouts, challenging exercises, and tips on how to make your workout the best that it can be. 

Greatest Beach Workouts

by Sammi Saint

Whether you’re on vacay in an oceanic paradise or you’re lucky enough to call a beach city home, taking your workout to the beach is immensely beneficial. It is a great way to connect with nature, take in the beautiful scenery and get your dose of Vitamin D.For those times when the gym is crawling with too many meatheads checking themselves out in the mirror, soccer moms bragging about their child’s winning goal and the chicks sending Snapchats while jogging on the treadmill, it’s refreshing to escape to a more serene workout destination.

Aside from being vacant of the noise and nonsense found at your local gym, the coast is vibrating with natural amenities that can actually improve your workout. First of all, beaches deliver some of the freshest air you can find. Studies show that by breathing in the ocean air, you’ll inhale less overall pollution. Bring your workout to the beach without any equipment by doing bodyweight exercises and sprints. Plus, the sand provides perfect resistance to challenge balance and kick your workout up a notch!

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