March 15, 2017

Every Sunday in winter, a family pulled out of their driveway with their two young children to go skiing.  The children were not always as committed as the parents to ski. As the complaining began, they woud pass the family across the street on their way to church. The parents always offered the choice to the children to go with the family across the street to church or to go to the church of Mt. ________.  For this family, at least the parents, skiing was classified as religion for many of the same reasons surf is considered religion.

Why Surfing Should Be Classified As A Religion


Surfing is the closest thing to a religion that most of us will ever experience. In many ways, it is more of a true religion than the conventional religions people claim to practice. This is because surfing has a uniquely physical component whereby not only are we always thinking about the act of surfing, but we go and practice wave riding deliberately when conditions permit.

What makes a religion?

A religion is generally based on the belief that there exists a greater intelligent force than oneself. Devotees pay respect and devotion to this greater entity and have faith that it will deliver them from trials and tribulations and, ultimately, provide them with peace. Most religions also promise some sort of afterlife, or, at least, claim that we will exist beyond our physical manifestation on Earth.

Surfing offers all of these things and more. 

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