April 27, 2018

Gabby Reece has always been a fitness icon. For many girls growing up, she was their role model. Gabby was not only beautiful but she was also athletic. For many of us, she was the first athletic model that we could identify with. Since breaking on the scene as a professional volleyball player and model, Gabby has been involved in many endeavors and continues to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle paramount in her world.  Learn more about Gabby, how she grew up, her marriage with Laird Hamilton, their family, and the many business ventures she is involved with. If you ever wanted to learn more about Gabby, here is your chance.


Standup for Women: a WND&WVS podcast with Gabby Reece
From growing up on a small Caribbean island, to becoming one of America’s all-time fitness icons as a professional volleyball player to marrying the legend famed with bringing stand up paddling to the States, Gabrielle Reece has quite a story.

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