May 30, 2018

If you are still planning a vacation for summer or maybe starting to plan one for next year, here are some great ideas. Even though some of these month by month vacations have past, you can still start planning for 2019. Check out some great ideas for a vacation that includes some incredible fitness activities and relaxation.


The Best Fitness Vacations to Take in 2018



August 25, 2017

Best wellness trips 2018



Andreas von Einsiedel/Body Holiday  

If it suddenly seems like all of your coworkers are using their vacation days to go on yoga retreats or sign up for destination races, you’re not mistaken. So-called "fitcations" have become a major travel trend: according to the Global Wellness Institute, there was a 14% increase in global wellness tourism from 2013 to 2015, and Pinterest reports that searches for “fitness travel” jumped an astounding 618% between 2016 and 2017. In other words, more and more people are using their PTO to master Downward Dog or check "Run a half-marathon" off their bucket list rather than sip piña coladas and avoid the hotel gym.
  Here, a month-by-month guide to the best wellness trips to take in 2018, from Sedona to Seattle to an island in the Gulf of Thailand.

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