February 08, 2017

Pink sand is typically formed by tiny marine organisms called Red Foram.  These skeletons grow on the underside of reefs and are forced from the rocks and broken up into small pieces from wave action.  

White, pink or black, a beach is a beach however the pink is super inviting...

Two Amazing Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines

Pink beaches in the Philippines

Charming Zamboanga, and Northern Samar, both offer excellent natural tourist attractions -- be it beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, springs, etc. However, what sets them apart from all the wonderful places in the Philippines, is the presence of a pink sand on their beaches.

Visit these two awesome pink sand beaches in the country soon, and with God's gift of nature do commune:

#1 - Great Santa Cruz Island (Zamboanga City, Mindanao: If you're looking for something unique, go visit Great Santa Cruz Island -- so popular due to its fine pink sand that got its color because of the presence of pink corals there.  Just prepare your own drinking water, rice or corn, goggles/snorkel to enjoy your time there, along with the nice seafood the locals can prepare for you.

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