March 24, 2017

Kayaking is still one of the fastest growing water sports in the United States. Most can easily rent a kayak and begin to paddle. While most people don't take a lesson to learn the essentials of kayaking, it is worth the time to read and watch videos for some simple instruction and pointers.

Turn Your Kayak Like a Pro

by Jeff Herman on

The first thing you learn when paddling a kayak is extra strokes on the left turn the boat right, and extra strokes on the right make it turn left. For a sharper turn, drag the paddle blade on the side you want to turn. That’s it, right? Wrong.  


The stern rudder may seem simple, but properly performing this move will make your turn more efficient without sacrificing forward momentum. Start by rotating your upper body until both hands are on the same side of the kayak. Then, slice the rear blade into the water parallel to the kayak behind your hip. Untwist your upper body to push out slightly with the backside of the rear blade. 

Bow Rudder

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