March 31, 2017

Live simply, buy a van and live down by the river.  For some, it is not a choice, for others, a dream.

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Take “van down by the river” broadly, as I tend to live in all types of vehicles down by the creeks, rivers and oceans. I started living as a vagabond kayaker full-time with a four-month stint, between jobs, in a Volvo V70 wagon, which took me from Maryland, through Canada and on to Oregon. It taught me about the joys of life on the road, the tribulations of vehicle breakdowns and the simplicity of following your passions.

The Volvo V70 wagon might not look like much, but at 6’3” I can sleep in it, it’s fun to drive and with long bars can hold 3 boats and a roof box full of gear.

I got a kick in the pants a little over five years ago when I had some close friends pass away, a few kayaking and one who was just being the kind awesome person who he was. I was overworked and underpaid in a company with little hope for upward mobility. Suddenly I was that guy who lives in a van down by the river.


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