Cali's Surf Sub Culture

May 01, 2017

Cali's Surf Sub Culture

San Clemente’s Surfing Heritage and Culture Center is keeping the surf culture alive by presenting an exhibit of the regional surf clubs' memorabilia. Open until mid Summer, this gathering of nostalgic memories is just a small piece of what makes the surf community so special and connects the past with the present.  

These are the People Keeping California’s Surf Club Culture Alive

March 23, 2017

By: Danny Ritz

California Surf Club Members

San Clemente’s Surfing Heritage and Culture Center, affectionately referred to as the Smithsonian of Surfing, is currently hosting a powerful exhibit called “Surf Clubs” in celebration of SoCal’s surf clubs.

With a more prominent recognition and awareness of the friendly yet fervent competitive nature of the Surf Club culture, this exhibit is a celebration of their positive and lasting presence. They feature a diverse variety of relics and notary from the different clubs, serving as a contribution to community and environmental wellness that each of the clubs offers.

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