November 06, 2017

Found 30 years after the crash, this amazing, intact World War II era bomber remained mostly untouched and was moved to the Pacific Aviation Museum in Peal Harbor, HI. Definitely worth a visit.

by Chris D' Angelo on

In February 1942, after America’s first heavy bomber offensive raid of World War II, a bullet-riddled U.S. B-17E bomber crash landed in a remote swamp in Papua New Guinea because it was running out of fuel.

The crew of nine survived, and over the next six weeks, battled malaria and heat exhaustion to make their way to safety. But the Flying Fortress was left for lost for decades. The plane has a pretty incredible story, and getting it back to Hawaii was no small feat. 

After a half-century in the soggy marsh, this once-forgotten piece of history returned to its homeland in April 2013, and is sitting on display at Hawaii’s Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

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