November 30, 2017

The man behind the scenes of Slater's wave pool is brilliant. The surf ranch is the talk of the town. It is epic, one of a kind, miraculous, but how did it happen? What was the science and research behind the project? What did it actually take to make this wave pool so great? There are many questions about how the wave pool actually came to be and you might be surprised at how much detail went into this venture and who was involved.


by Derek Rielly

USC scientist Adam Fincham and how he breathed life into Slater's outrageous dream.

For the past several, I don’t know, years, I’ve been trying to swing an interview with Adam Fincham, the genius who brought Kelly Slater’s dream of a barreling wave pool into relief.

Fincham is a Research Associate Professor at University of Southern California and has worked with Kelly since 2006 to create a masterpiece of bathymetry on the outskirts of a lousy cotton-farming town four hours north-east of Los Angeles.

Today, in, and via the keystrokes of staff writer Jon Cohen, we get to examine the Slater-Fincham pool, and the “obsessive compulsive” pair’s relationship, in detail.

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