July 25, 2018

Who in the world would ride one of these? Most of us have seen the pedalboard and scoffed at its unique and different design. Combining pedaling and SUP is awkward, at best. During the Outdoor Retailer Show this year, the pedalboard garnered a lot of attention from all walks of life. Who knew? If you haven't already tried one, you may want to reconsider!

Hobie’s Mirage Eclipse Is the Most Fun Product at OR

Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: this thing can move.

The Mirage Eclipse “pedalboard” from Hobie isn’t the newest piece of gear at Summer Outdoor Retailer this year, but hear us out: it’s definitely the most enjoyable.

We got the chance to test it at Cochiti Lake, just outside our home base of Santa Fe, New Mexico, back in May. Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: the Mirage Eclipse can move. That’s thanks to the fins underneath the board, which flip back and forth and propel the vessel forward with each step on the pedals up top.

It admittedly takes some getting used to. I’m accustomed to having my feet planted on a paddleboard, moving them only when I’m changing direction or adjusting my weight. On the Mirage Eclipse, you’re constantly shifting weight, causing a slight rocking back and forth. And I have terrible balance to begin with. But once I got in the groove and picked up some speed, as on a bike, it was easier to keep my balance. Plus, the EVA deck pad is comfy and grippy.

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