The Paddle Out for O'Neill

July 13, 2017

The Paddle Out for O'Neill

Today thousands of people paddle out in to the ocean to memorialize surfing legend, Jack O'Neill. Known for the wetsuits and clothing line named after him, O'Neill epitomized the life of a surfer. His eccentric personality and undying love for surfing made him a legend in the surfing community.

Thousands Paddle out in Santa Cruz for Jack O’Neill
By Kara Guzman, Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ >> Thousands of people converged at Pleasure Point Sunday morning to witness what was expected to be the largest-ever paddle-out memorial, to honor Jack O’Neill, inventor of the modern-day wetsuit.The procession filled the streets — wetsuit-clad surfers balancing longboards on their heads, couples on cruiser bikes, mothers with strollers and dogs, elderly people with lawn chairs — merging at the iconic cliffside home of O’Neill.The longtime Santa Cruz resident and founder of the O’Neill wetsuit and surfboard brand died on June 2 at the age of 94

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