Ten Things Successful Dragon Boat Paddlers Do

January 16, 2017

Ten Things Successful Dragon Boat Paddlers Do

What do you do to be successful at your sport? Time and dedication are key to reaching your goals.

by Kristin Stickels on

1) Set goals

Successful paddlers have a path of progress in mind. They set goals in order to determine the best route to achieving those objectives. Goals can be performance- or habit-based. Examples of performance-based goals might be aiming to make your team’s mixed boat, or shaving two seconds off your time trial. Examples of habit-based goals might be going to bed on time, or stretching after every training session. The purpose of setting goals is to give structure and motivation, which leads to progress



2) Work out off the boat – both cardio and strength training

Sure, paddling is great, but you can’t up your game without gaining strength and endurance. Hit the gym, take a Crossfit class, run, swim, hop on the erg. Train smart to build up your muscles and increase your stamina. Successful paddlers spend time in the gym pushing themselves to new limits. They recognize that building up their lats, abs, quads and many other paddling muscles will be a huge benefit to them on the boat. They work on their cardio so that they have the endurance to sprint 500m without fading, or can easily tackle the 2k without significant fatigue.


3) Show up on time

Top paddlers know the value of their training sessions. They respect their teammates’ time and the effort involved in attending practice. They wouldn’t even think of jeopardizing the success of the team by showing up late to a race. Consider each practice your job. Take it seriously.

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